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Batch Subscriber#

If you want to consume data in batches, the @broker.subscriber(...) decorator makes it possible. By defining your consumed msg object as a list of messages and setting the batch parameter to True, the subscriber will call your consuming function with a batch of messages consumed from a single partition. Let's walk through how to achieve this.

Using the Subscriber with Batching#

To consume messages in batches, follow these steps:

Step 1: Define Your Subscriber#

In your FastStream application, define the subscriber using the @broker.subscriber(...) decorator. Ensure that you configure the msg object as a list and set the batch parameter to True. This configuration tells the subscriber to handle message consumption in batches.

@broker.subscriber("test_batch", batch=True)

Step 2: Implement Your Consuming Function#

Create a consuming function that accepts the list of messages. The @broker.subscriber(...) decorator will take care of collecting and grouping messages into batches based on the partition.

@broker.subscriber("test_batch", batch=True)
async def handle_batch(msg: List[HelloWorld], logger: Logger):

Example of Consuming in Batches#

Let's illustrate how to consume messages in batches from the "test_batch" topic with a practical example:

from typing import List

from pydantic import BaseModel, Field

from faststream import FastStream, Logger
from faststream.confluent import KafkaBroker

broker = KafkaBroker("localhost:9092")
app = FastStream(broker)

class HelloWorld(BaseModel):
    msg: str = Field(
        description="Demo hello world message",

@broker.subscriber("test_batch", batch=True)
async def handle_batch(msg: List[HelloWorld], logger: Logger):

In this example, the subscriber is configured to process messages in batches, and the consuming function is designed to handle these batches efficiently.

Consuming messages in batches is a valuable technique when you need to optimize the processing of high volumes of data in your Kafka-based applications. It allows for more efficient resource utilization and can enhance the overall performance of your data pipelines.