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RPC over RMQ#

Blocking Request#

FastStream provides you with the ability to send a blocking RPC request over RabbitMQ in a very simple way.

It uses the Direct Reply-To RabbitMQ feature, so you don't need to create any queues to consume a response.

Just send a message like a regular one and get a response synchronously.

It is very close to common requests syntax:

msg = await broker.publish(

Also, you have two extra options to control this behavior:

  • rpc_timeout: Optional[float] = 30.0 - controls how long you are waiting for a response
  • raise_timeout: bool = False - by default, a timeout request returns None, but if you need to raise a TimeoutException directly, you can specify this option


Also, if you want to create a permanent request-reply data flow, probably, you should create a permanent queue to consume responses.

So, if you have such one, you can specify it with the reply_to argument. This way, FastStream will send a response to this queue automatically.

async def consume_responses(msg):

msg = await broker.publish(

Last update: 2023-10-02